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Gratitude has far-reaching benefits: On Your Mind with Dr. Pauline Wallin

Nov 13 2013
The precise mechanism of how gratitude works in the brain is not understood. But psychologically speaking, gratitude naturally draws your attention to the positive. When you focus on the positive, the negative drops into the background.

How to deal with intrusive strangers: On Your Mind with Dr. Pauline Wallin

Sep 4 2013
The stares. The whispers. The gawking. It's natural to want to puff up and protect your children, especially if they're different. But a positive response can go a long way.

What's wrong with perfect?: On Your Mind with Dr. Pauline Wallin

Jun 6 2013
Perfection comes at a price. Yes, it's gratifying to know that what you do or produce is flawless, but is the time and effort worthwhile?

Senior Week: A survival guide for parents

Jun 4 2013
If your recent graduate convinced you to let them go to Senior Week, don't fret.

On Your Mind: Coping with the unexpected

Feb 19 2013
Resilience helps us adapt to challenging circumstances. The adjustment process takes time, and there are difficult spots. But chances are you'll end up stronger and even more resilient at the other end.

On your mind: Getting better at small talk

Nov 14 2012
Chatting at a cocktail party or other social gathering with people you hardly know can be quite a challenge. But there are things you can do to minimize the stress.

On Your Mind: Breast cancer...again? How to cope with recurrence

Oct 10 2012
Most things get easier the second time around. But not breast cancer. A new occurrence can be just as distressing as the first time — or even more so.

On Your Mind: What to do when grandparents become 'too helpful'

Sep 6 2012
Grandparents who want to be actively involved in their grandkids' lives can be a mixed blessing.

On Your Mind: The mental side of athletic performance

Jun 7 2012
When it comes to professional athletic competition, mental skill is just as important as physical ability.

On Your Mind: How to escape the worrying cycle

May 8 2012
Are you a chronic worrier? Do thoughts continually run through your mind about everything that could go wrong, even though you know they're not likely to happen?

On Your Mind: How to stay in love with your spouse for decades

Feb 14 2012
Is it possible to stay "in love" with your spouse over years or even decades? Absolutely.

On Your Mind: Why adult siblings fight at family get-togethers and what you can do about it

Nov 16 2011
How would you like to feel 12 years old again, with no effort required? Visit your family of origin over the holidays. Situational cues have a powerful influence. You might not even be aware that these physical surroundings trigger emotional memories as well.

On Your Mind: Just diagnosed with breast cancer? How to tell family and friends

Oct 6 2011
You've just received a diagnosis of breast cancer. Even before it all sinks in, you're worrying about how to break the news to family and friends.

On Your Mind: Dealing with disappointment in your baby's gender

Sep 6 2011
It's normal to prefer one gender over another. In fact a Gallup Poll published in June showed that two out of three people expressed a preference for a boy or a girl, with a bias toward boys. Nine previous surveys on this issue, dating to 1941, produced similar results. Thus, parents have been grappling with this issue for generations.

Grieving Your Pet -- It's Normal

Jun 9 2011
Losing a pet to death is a lonely experience. It's a painful time, for sure --- often as painful as when a human friend or family member dies.

On your mind: Think through relationships before ending them

May 4 2011
Studies show that in order for a relationship to thrive, there must be a sense of equity. Both people must feel as if they are getting as much as they are giving. Not that they keep score, but over the long run things even out.

On Your Mind: Dropping a bad habit? Make the hurdle easier to clear

Feb 22 2011
Have you ever tried to change a habit and failed? Not surprising. Once you acquire a habit, it tends to stick around with the habit memory etched in your brain. For the most part, that's a good thing.

Child Violence: Are video games to blame?

Nov 10 2010
Are video games good or bad for kids? As with TV and other media, there is no simple answer.

On Your Mind: Strategy of 'doing' and 'thinking' shakes feelings of helplessness

Oct 6 2010
As a cancer survivor, you know that life never returns completely to the way it was before your diagnosis. During and after treatment, you must gradually adjust to a "new normal."

On Your Mind: Happiness in our appearance

Sep 7 2010
Pauline Wallin talks about the importance of being happy with your appearance.

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